Speaker, Coach, Catalyst.  Change Expert, Adventurer, Leadership, Company Culture Improvement, Team Building, Personal Goal Achievement.


After getting certified as a life coach, it only made sense to combine what she'd learned about coaching with her years in the fitness industry, and her personal experience and success with weight loss....and a weight loss coach was born  

Anne's knowledge and experience allows her to arm her clients with a powerful and motivating set of tools that are often left out of most people's health, fitness and weight loss programs.  It's about creating a new lifestyle, not going on a crash diet, and Anne has just the right stuff to help you do that, get lean and healthy, and stay that way!  

4 ways you can work with Anne as a weight loss coach.

1. Go get some free info! I've done this Discipline seminar a few times with a great response, so I want to make the info available to YOU!  Take a quick 26 minutes to watch the recording, and learn how to strengthen your discipline muscles so you can reach your weight loss goals!  This is a taste of the style and information you can get bi-weekly with Naked Confidence.  


2. Live presentation: Bring Anne's energy and motivation to your group!  Whether it's a club or 10 people or a conference of 10,000, 3 Missing Ingredients for Weight Loss Success will engage, inspire and educate your audience to a healthier, happier lifestyle, and the lean, sexy reflection they've been looking for.  



3. Naked Confidence: WARNING: You might need a new wardrobe with this program!  Affordable, inspirational, educational, and results-inducing!  In person coaching, extensive online video library and accountability galore, this program is the perfect complement to your gym membership and/or guided diet program.  It's what's been missing when you've tried to lose weight in the past.   

Quiet your inner negative-nelly, change habits, stay motivated and get results.  


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4. One on One Coaching: If you just need a personal kick in the pants, Anne's size 11s are just what you need.  Anne can work with you in person or on the phone to create a program that works for you and help you stick with it!  If you need personal accountability, and hard core attention to achieving results, this is the way to go.  

++ Includes access to Naked Confidence content.  

If you're interested in one-on-one coaching, provide your information on this form, and we'll get in touch to set up a free 30 minute consultation.  

e-mail:                        phone:  443-253-2634