Speaker, Coach, Catalyst.  Change Expert, Adventurer, Leadership, Company Culture Improvement, Team Building, Personal Goal Achievement.

The buzz about Anne Bonney

"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Anne at Breaking My Boundaries - Women's Empowerment Conference.  She was our Master of Ceremonies and the role fit like a glove - she is dynamic, engaging, funny, intelligent, flexible, relatable, and thinks quickly on her feet. She was the glue that held our day together! I highly recommend Anne and look forward to partnering with her on future projects! "

Sharon Wilson

Leadership and Development Consultant, Align TC.  

"Anne  had the group of 150 women at attention from the minute she went on stage! She has a powerful presence, relatable (and funny!) stories and an energy that draws people in.   She was prepared, excited and engaged from the beginning to make the keynote a success."                                       

  Kandace Chappel

Publisher, Grand Traverse Woman Magazine

"She is a born leader who can rally her team and create a fun and productive culture.  She is an outstanding communicator, written and verbally, and a fun, engaging and clear presenter. She will spark energy, engagement and teamwork in any organization.."

Jesper Magnusson

CEO, Les Mills United States Holdings

"Anne helped design and facilitate a leadership skill building workshop and provided a motivational keynote. Her energy, wisdom around leadership and life along with her ability to connect with others helped make our conference a huge success. We will be utilizing Anne again for future conferences.."

Dave Rozman

Life Leadership Conference Director

"Anne is a leadership coach of the first order.  I would recommend Anne for anyone in a leadership position that is struggling to maintain the "fire in the belly" that got them there in the first place - her enthusiasm and insights are invaluable!"

Mark VanderKlipp

Founder, Conduct Experience

"Anne is a true leader - she inspires through her vision, her presence and her desire to achieve results no matter what. She has a knack for building fluid productive partnerships, developing teams and for overcoming obstacles. "

Marjorie Ramos

Vice President of Human Resources, Town Sports International

"Anne lifts up everyone around her with her seemingly endless energy.  She has an engaging style (whether presenting to a large group or just having a conversation) that allows you to make sense of complexities and find humor and play in any situation or task, especially when it seems impossible to focus on anything but the negative. Put simply, she's a light. "

Erica Emerson

Customer Experience Manager, Les Mills United States

"Anne possesses a unique combination of competencies, which made her an impact player. 

In all my years of experience, some team members leave a demonstrable impression on a peer group, subordinate staff and senior representatives of an organization; Anne was such an employee. She was well known for her intelligence, keen sense of humor, passion and commitment for her position and department, a very positive attitude and a team-oriented contributor to our organization. "

Chris Ruta

Vice President of Operations, Taymax Group

" Anne is a motivator, an energizer, a coach and a teacher. I have referred to Anne as being much like Mary Poppins; floating around, imparting her wisdom where and when it is needed, then floating away, with the lesson, 'what I was REALLY teaching you all along was how to do it yourself.' "

Alli Villella

Group Exercise Director, 24 Hour Fitness

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