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Speaking Topics

Speaking Topics

When Anne speaks to an audience, they get excited!  They laugh and remember points because of the fun stories and enthusiastic delivery.  They leave energized and more importantly, they leave with their courage ignited, ready to make powerful changes in their lives.




"Anne lifts up everyone around her with her seemingly endless energy - She has an engaging style (whether presenting to a large group or just having a conversation) that allows you to make sense of complexities and find humor and play in any situation or task, especially when it seems impossible to focus on anything but the negative. Put simply, she's a light."

                                                               - Erica Emerson

Topic #1: "The Courage to Change"

Change is hard, but often it's the only thing we can count on, especially in business today.  As a lifelong change ninja, Anne understands the anatomy of change, how our brains react when we try to change something (it FREAKS OUT!) and how to reprogram our thinking to help us thrive through unexpected or unwanted changes in the workplace.  Passion and energy punctuates this memorable, informative and inspiring talk.  Audiences will leave with specific actions to help them take control, and build forward momentum towards acceptance and success as soon as they walk out of the room. 

This powerful program will:

  •  Illustrate why your brain resists acceptance of change.
  •  Help you overcome unknowns, and that wicked inner voice of doubt
  •  Show how to lead those around you through change
  •  Arm you with strategies to deal with internal and external speedbumps and stay on track.

Especially good for women's groups and entrepreneurs.

Topic #2: "The Courage to Leap into the Unknown"

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From an early age, Anne Bonney has followed her own path and thrown herself into a lot of unknowns, gotten very uncomfortable, and is very happy with the results.  She grew up overseas and attended a performing arts boarding school.  She worked as a teacher, an animal trainer, a ropes course facilitator and a brand manager for one of the hottest athletic apparel brands of our time.  She ran a marathon in Antarctica, went on 3 morale building tours to Iraq, and won a figure competition. She has learned that anything worth doing requires a degree of discomfort and unknown, which many people avoid.  Through energetic delivery, entertaining stories and engaging teaching, Anne will inspire your students to find their own meaning of success and happiness.  



This motivating program will:

  • Remind students that it's ok not to have all the answers, not to know exactly where they're going and not to do what everyone else around them is doing.
  • Arm students with the tools needed to think through and leap into intelligent risk in pursuit of their authentic happiness.
  • Teach them how to connect with others, in order to maximize the help they'll receive in driving towards their dreams.
  • Prove that hard work and perseverance, and a little discomfort is what it takes to create incredible outcomes.

Especially good for students, age 16-21

Topic #3: "The Courage to Connect"

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Have you ever heard the saying "you can't do it alone"?  Well, it's true!  Whether influencing people to believe in your ideas, to work hard for you or to get motivated for a project, you need to be able to build a strong connection with people.  In today's world of constant technological connectivity, the skills of face-to-face connection are sometimes lacking. This keynote will drive home the importance of connecting, and ignite the audience's courage to take action and do it.  Anne will inspire you to honestly and genuinely connect with people while being equipped with proven content and specific action items to immediately make a difference in the lives of others, so they want to make a difference in yours.  If you want to be likable, influential and memorable (in a good way!) this is one talk you don't want to miss!  

This inspiring program will:

  • Illustrate the difference between communication and connection and the importance of both
  • Drive home the power of connecting
  • Illuminate the importance of self-knowledge and awareness in connecting with others
  • Arm the audience with the skills needed to connect and add value to the lives of others

Especially good for entrepreneurs and student leaders

"Anne makes me want to run up mountains and eat broccoli, and I hate both!"  

                                                                                                                                              - Tracy Romzek

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