Speaker, Coach, Catalyst.  Change Expert, Adventurer, Leadership, Company Culture Improvement, Team Building, Personal Goal Achievement.

 Photo credit: Sarah Brown Photography

Photo credit: Sarah Brown Photography


When Anne speaks to an audience, they get excited!  They laugh and remember points because of the fun stories and enthusiastic delivery.  They leave energized and more importantly, they leave with tools to make the changes they want in their lives.

"Anne lifts up everyone around her with her seemingly endless energy - She has an engaging style (whether presenting to a large group or just having a conversation) that allows you to make sense of complexities and find humor and play in any situation or task, especially when it seems impossible to focus on anything but the negative. Put simply, she's a light."   Erica Emerson



Change is hard.  As a lifelong change ninja, Anne understands the anatomy of change, how our brains react when we try to change something (it FREAKS OUT!) and how to reprogram our thinking, silence that inner doubty-pants and finally get what we want out of life.  Passion and energy punctuates this memorable, informative and inspiring talk.  Audiences will leave with specific action items to help them get started as soon as they leave the room.  

This powerful, 45-minute program will:

  • Illustrate why your brain challenges the change you want.
  • Learn how to overcome that challenge and thrive.
  • Strategize how to get started towards the life you want.
  • Gain strategies to deal with challenges and stay on track.
  • Finally quiet that inner voice of doubt.

"Anne makes me want to run up mountains and eat broccoli, and I hate both!"  Tracy Romzek

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