Igniting Courage in audiences.



Anne is an energetic and engaging speaker, leadership trainer and weight loss coach and creator of Floor It: Power Principles to Accelerate your life and Naked Confidence: Mindset and Habit Transformation for Weight Loss.  After 20 years in highly successful leadership positions in the corporate setting, Anne founded Different Shoe Enterprises and now uses her experience, education, and expertise to help people strengthen their self-leadership skills to improve their results.  Anne has energetically and passionately spoken with large and small groups both nationally and internationally.  She is a proven leader, educator and motivator, and empowers people to catalyze powerful change in their lives. 


Anne has spent the last 20 years in leadership and educational roles with companies including Under Armour, Les Mills International (the global leader in group exercise training and programming), Town Sports International (the third largest gym chain in the US) and The New England Aquarium.  Her wide range of experiences, her education and her boundless positive energy make her uniquely suited to bring fun, inspiring and memorable messages to help you bring about positive change in your life.  

Whether you're trying to motivate your audience, bring your team together, change the culture in your company, or make changes in your own life or your health, Anne can help you!  She's got the goods, and is excited to help you thrive through the change you want in your life.  

Some of Anne's clients...