Leadership Workshops


Anne with teacher, mentor and leadership guru John Maxwell.

Anne with teacher, mentor and leadership guru John Maxwell.

Anne spent 20 years in leadership and education roles in companies like Under Armour, Town Sports International, Les Mills International and others.  She combines her vast and successful experience leading high performing teams with her education from The John Maxwell Team to bring energizing and educational leadership workshops to your team.


Strengthen your leadership skills, strengthen your team and strengthen the bottom line.

Leadership Workshops

·  ACE your Leadership: This presentation illustrates why positive leadership is the best way to maximize an organization's potential, and provides 3 key principles of positive leadership; Acquiring and developing the right people, Connecting with and Empowering them.    Participants leave with resources and action items to help them improve their leadership skills as soon as they get back to the office.  

·  Connecting for Maximum Influence:  Knowing how to connect with people is a vital leadership skill.  Connecting builds trust, rapport and respect,  and allows you to lead your team to more job satisfaction, improved output, more loyalty to the organization, and in the end, a stronger bottom line for your company.  This workshop will provide an initial skills assessment to raise individuals’ awareness of their current abilities with connecting.  Strategies will be presented on how to genuinely connect with people, and discussion around behaviors that undermine our connection with others will help participants identify their own strengths and weaknesses.  Tactics will be provided to improve everyone’s ability to connect so they can immediately become a more influential person in all areas of their lives.  

·  Empowering your Team:  Empowerment is a buzz word these days, yet it seems to be very hard to accomplish in reality.  This presentation will review reasons why empowering people is vital to the creation of a high functioning team, why it can be so difficult, and how we can improve our empowering skills.  Participants individual skills will be examined, and useful insights for long term success will be discussed.  Lastly, participants will leave with specific and immediately applicable tactics for improving their empowering abilities, making them more effective leaders as soon as they walk out the door. 

·  Great Leadership Starts with Self Leadership: If you want to be a great leader, you have to know yourself, your strengths and what challenges you.  In this energizing workshop, you will get some useful and inspiring information about how you can be a better leader by looking, reflecting and improving yourself.  You will answer some key questions to give you a clear picture of areas you could improve, and you will leave with the drive to be a life-long learner, and thus, a stronger and more influential leader.  

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