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Are you stuck?  Do you want more from life, but don't know how to get it?


Successful and energetic entrepreneur, coach, and international speaker, Anne Bonney is honored to bring you her first audio program, "FLOOR IT: Power Principles to accelerate your life."  Anne travels around the world teaching individuals, and organizations how to get the results they want by arming them with tools to recognize and apply their own inherent ability to achieve more of their potential.  Anne is a master at inspiring people to uncover their own true vision, stomp on the fear of change, and drive, full speed towards their dreams.  

FLOOR IT is the collection of vital principles Anne learned through her years of experience in corporate leadership as well as on her entrepreneurial journey to find her own dream life. In these 9 lessons Anne will help you to create your path to goal achievement. She explores basic virtues of courage and persistence, and concepts such as focus and attitude to help you “grow forward” towards the ultimate vision for your life.

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