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Frequently Asked questions

What do you speak on?

When I speak, my goal is to ignite courage through stories, understanding, skill development and fun. With youth, a favorite is my Courage to get Uncomfortable talk. I encourage them to try new things, pick a path, learn as much as they can, to find what they truly want to do with their lives...right now. With all audiences, my Courage to Change is a great talk to prep audiences to attach change despite the discomfort it brings. Courage to Connect is very popular as well, to teach entrepreneurs and leaders the value and skills of connecting with others to increase their influence.

Will you customize a talk for my audience or event theme?

Absolutely! I want to be of maximal impact to your audience, which requires that I know something about them, and tailor the talk to meet their needs, so I look forward to speaking with you to come up with a completely custom topic, or just a lite customization of an existing topic to be sure your audience gets the most bang for your buck!

Do you do breakout sessions, pre-event promotional videos, or any other customized content?

Yes! I've done many break outs to complement my talks, webinars, and promotional videos to help get an audience excited about an event. Let's talk about it and come up with a creative solution for you.

I'd like to speak with someone who hired you to speak for them in the past.  Is that possible?

Sure! I would be happy to put you in touch with some of my former clients.

How far will you travel?

There might be an extra charge for an event on the moon, but I would sure be willing to work something out! As a gypsy who grew up overseas, I travel well, and am more than happy to travel to any far flung destination where my message is welcomed!

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